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So, you’ve survived your wedding day in one piece and are looking for guidelines on what happens next…

I cannot, pretend this is fun. If you find a way to make the name change process enjoyable, please share in the comments below.

One of the most stressful tasks on top of planning your wedding day, is the paperwork that follows.  If you choose to change your last name and/or plan on adding your new spouse to your accounts. I have provided a comprehensive task list and customizable spreadsheet, that hopefully makes the whole process a little easier. Fortunately,  a lot the changes can be completed online.

The big question is where to start.

Once you’ve hit up the social security office and DMV, the fun begins.

Step one:

Discuss and make some decisions with your new spouse.

Make sure you have your date of birth and social security numbers, some account like banks and credit unions require your spouse’s social security number to add them to your account.

Are you two combining names, changing names, or creating a brand new last name (yes this is an option)?

Will you be adding your spouse as an authorized user on your accounts?

Combining insurance (auto/health/other) policies?

Which services will you be continuing, and which will you be discontinuing?

Step two:

Gather all your account information. This task seems tedious, but we want to be set up for success and not have to run around the house tossing drawers, looking on top of the refrigerator, or digging through the need to shred pile. If you’re organized this part is easy.

To keep your information organized, and provide a structured format to work from, I made a spread sheet available for you to print (not recommended, save the trees!!), or copy and paste into your very own customizable spreadsheet. Get your FREE Name Change Spreadsheet Here!The form is self-explanatory, however, there are always a few that have a question or need clarification. I am happy to respond via email at

Step Three:

Get to work!

Amanda Arehart

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