You’ve put all of your time and energy into planning your perfect day. Now, the task of finding the right person to execute your plans is the next crucial development. While assigning the task of Day-of-Coordinator to a friend of family member may seem like a good idea the likely hood of them researching what the task entails is fairly slim. More likely than not, this person has no idea what they are doing which can be detrimental to your plans to sit back and enjoy your hard work for your big day. This page serves a dual purpose. One, to inform you of our day of coordination services and two, to give the friend or family member and idea of how to execute this important duty properly. Your day of coordinator, is responsible for getting all of your wedding vendors and wedding party on the same page as well as establishing a timeline and list of duties that are helpful to help make your wedding day run flawlessly.

A lot can happen on your wedding day that you may not have planned for. No matter how carefully you’ve planned your wedding day as there are a lot of fine details to cover that after often overlooked in DIY weddings. Vendors can run late, tables and decor needs set up before your photographer arrives. Who is in charge of making annoucements if you don’t havea DJ? Will there be a toast and speeches? Who is cutting the cake after the first slice is made by you and your new husband? What if the DJ or sound guy forgets a microphone? (yes it happens) Where are the power outlets at the venue? Anyone have an extension cord?

As I stated above, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes during you wedding day that most of the wedding planning books and templates fail to make you, as a DIY bride aware of. Over the years, I’ve developed my own system of checkslists and spreadsheets that covers all of the bases and situations associated with a wedding. From the movement of guests from the ceremony location to the reception, announcements that need to be made to transition to the next planned activities of the wedding. In order to keep track of your vendors arrival and departure times, who is still owed money, or if your vendor needs any specific supplies (tables and power cords) available at the venue. Below is a spread sheet I’ve used for a previous ceremony that I’m sharing as an example that is used to keep track of important vendor information.

Another important aspect of handling Day of Coordination tasks is a timeline. Below is an example that I’ve used previously. A confident and experienced day of coordinator has the tenacity to keep the day moving as it should, while ensuring set up is complete before you and your photographer arrive for photos.

Keeping everything together and on track is a lot to take take of. This is were we are available to step in and help whether as your Day of Coordinator or to coach a friend or family member and to make sure they have the tools to do the job effectively.

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